What do libertarians think of trans people?

I think anyone that claims gender is not a social construct is operating from a believe that their exists and objective authority in this idea called gender. I view it on the same level as someone who claims objective knowledge over the best use of my resources. We are all our own individual authority. My only thing I would have to say is that, if gender was based on this idea of having a Y chromosome. Then why isn’t the word a euphemism for having a Y chromosome. But it is not. It is a historical and social categorization where the rules are not fundamentally consistent or knowable. It is just implicitly known and socially enforced. I mean if someone can meet the social standard of being a gender, then they are. Nothing mysterious about it.

But I will say that it does not matter, because the only issue why people agitate for changing the public opinion of trans people is they believe correctly normative attitudes effect voting behavior. This is easily abolished if we abolish or marginalize political authority, which we solve by being libertarian or anarchist. I think this is a superior solution not only because we abolish legislated morality, but because we take away the governments role in economic justice. This pits identity groups against to claim this economic justice. The working class views any spending that advances the justice of transgenders as spending that was not furthering their justice. Thus it is just which ever group is politically best organized can claim justice while marginalizing all other groups. Free Market Libertarian ideas solves this problem.

Dedicated to my love, Katherine

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