The Truth About Transgender Suicide

Some people like to talk about facts and feelings. Lets talk about the facts. This image was taken from a popular study, which was circulated in the conservative media about transgender suicide.

Screenshot from 2018-08-29 05-02-53
Link to full study

Now lets analyse this using LOLGIC! As you can see 43% of transgender people who have had MtF genital surgery have attempted suicide. Case closed this means genital surgery causes suicide.

Wait! Once upon a time, people who have had genital surgery were people who would “want it someday”. As you can see, “want it someday” and “have had it” have the same lifetime rate of suicide for both populations. Now applying some common sense, we see there is essentially no increase in rate of suicide over their life before or after genital surgery. This means people who have had genital surgery are making a negligible amount of suicide attempts. Consider this as compared to the 43% number among people have not had the treatment. Its almost as if genital surgery is curing some underlying psychological problem that was causing suicides in the first place.

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings!

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