Reclaiming Heterosexuality

A constant focus on the mainstream media over the past few years has been to push the interpretation of human sexuality that everything is on a spectrum. I think the case for a discrete category based view of sexuality is a better theory in describing actual human sexuality.

You can clearly see its failings to distinguish and categorize human behavior. A lesbian who likes giving blowjobs or a straight man who has sex with cross dressers. Do these sexual behaviors exist because they are not fully straight or gay? Of course not. Instead these people just have other intersecting sexual preferences. Both examples are not secretly attracted to men, they can be explained by the addition of other preferences that they exist along side. If they were secretly attracted to men, wouldn’t you expect other quirks to appear as opposed to a special exception? It is simply bad science to treat these people as if this behavior is in the detriment of their status as gay or straight.

Besides just describing sexuality, we need to consider how this effects queer identity. I am reminded of a heterosexual friend of mine way who back asserted that there is just not that many straight people because if you not 100% straight then you are not 100% straight. This belief is a real consequence of the sexuality as a spectrum. The effect is to reject many people from their actual identity, heterosexuality. Leaving the LGBTQ movement as the island of misfit toys who are not heterosexual enough. Heterosexuality is thus left unattainable to most who should be comfortable in the label. And we ought to be weary as to give them this new home among the queer community. They are not fundementally not queer and attempting to make the movement into anything goes undermines being queer. Of course everyone should be welcome as allies and it is good that people have respect for our community, but also we should respect and just leave them be as heterosexual.

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