Cat Girl Waifus: Tariff, Regulate, and Subsidize

We are being ripped off by CHINA. They are not playing fair in the cat girl waifu sector. We need to protect your jobs producing cat girl waifus. They provide good jobs for Americans. This is why we need to tariff them, who cares if we will pay a little more for our cat girl waifus. We can all pay a little more to ensure everyone has a good job. This makes our economy stronger.

Look we have to do something about cat girl waifus. This is not the wild west. I mean if you need a license to drive why not have a license and training to produce cat girl waifus. Did you hear about that accident that happened where that person got hurt by his cat girl waifu. Maybe if we properly regulated them then this wouldn’t of happened. We are talking about human lives here! There is no cost which can be spared for the preservation of a human life.

When will we join every other developed nation and get behind Senator Sanders plan, Cat Girl Waifus 4 All. Cat girl waifus are a human right and it is a crime that people can not afford cat girl waifus.

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