Deep State Revoking Passports of Transgender Women

By what standards are the deep state held accountable? To the law and the courts? What absurd notions are these, they are the legislator and judge. There is no rule of law or the rights of people. We are controlled by a class of people who believe they know how to run our lives. And have been empowered to do so by those who call themselves righteous

It must be remembered that these people are protecting us. All the authority they have seized exists for the purpose of doing good we are told. They know best. Look these people protect the environment, catch terrorists, keep our products safe. But the issue is never of whether they do good, but at what cost.

We need to harass Transgender people cause maybe they are frauds? Have these people considered the inconveniencing they are doing to trans people. Leaving people potentially in danger cause they can not travel as their gender. There is no cost benefit analysis that is presented along with this policy. Of course, harassing transgender people prevents “fraud”, but at the same time it also harasses transgender people.

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