NEW Gender Pronoun Yamakas Seek to Foster Inclusion of Queer People in Judaism

Today Kippah Kippah, the yamaka/kippah manufacturer, announced in their big Israeli Idependence day press release that they will be producing a series of gender pronoun yamakas. They will feature a variety of transgender/queer designs and the persons gender pronouns. This includes various pink, white, and blue color schemes with Jewish symbols. They will initially be bulk producing she/her, he/him, they/them, and ze/zer designs for now. You will be able to request for an additional charge your specific gender pronouns if they do not carry them.

The company explained in their press release that they are committed to helping foster inclusion of queer Jews in Jewish spaces. They hope that it can reduce awkward conversations about pronouns in the future. Futhermore they call on ally’s to publicly display their pronouns in the future as a way of starting a conversation about the diversity of genders in Judaism.

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