Scott Wagner: Pro Queer Republican PA Governor Candidate

Queer and ally voters across PA, that will be participating in the Republican primary have a major responsibility to select candidates that stand up for Queer rights. In this day and age, queer people charged with leading a conspiracy to undermine traditional values and brainwash children. Politicians who would advance these ideas do not deserve your respect.

pollingRecent polling for the upcoming PA Republican Governor’s Primary shows Scott Wagner ahead, but with many of the voters still undecided it is still anyone’s race.

Scott Wagner

This video was released to attack Scott Wagner over his support for extending basic protections to people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender expression. It is great that he is wiling to stand up to the people who fear monger and label transgender women as men who are going to sexually assault their daughters. Nor has he apologized or backed down from supporting this piece of legislation.

Paul Mango

While Paul Mango does not have a record to run on, we can look at the type of people he associates with. This pasture is a complete radical when it comes to his advocacy against LGBTQ people. Paul Mango nods along to all the anti LGBTQ messages, not once showing that he disagrees with any of his sentiments. The behavior he is engaged in is not a good sign that he will be a good advocate for the rights of LGBTQ people of PA.


GO VOTE!!! May 15th for Scott Wagner

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