Libertarian Student Activist, Aidan Mattis teams up with United Socialists to bash the fash

The United Socialists of PennState along with other left-wing student activists, as part of their March to #TurnDownCampusHate, delivered a petition to President Baron in an attempt to defund and investigate hate groups. They specifically called out Turning Point USA and the Bull Moose Party (Students for Trump) along with several white nationalist groups like Identity Evropa, American Student Front, and the National Bolsheviks. No official statements have been made by any of these groups except the National Bolsheviks.

Aidab Mattis, co-founder of TPUSA at PennState and former writer at the The Hatriot(The State Patriot), has confirmed he signed their signed their petition in a tweet. This does not come as a shock to anyone following Aidan Mattis these days as he has been on a crusade to get rid of fascists in campus politics. It has been rumored that any day now he will announce his new PennState ANTIFA club.

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