Cincinnati Passes Anal Sex Tax

Cincinnati mayor, John Cranley signed into law a new tax on anal sex. The city council first drafted to law in order to make up for a budget short fall and address public health concerns. The proposed tax was to bring in over $500 million in revenue for the metropolitan area, which they said would go to the city’s public education system. The other major issue they championed was that reduction in anal sex would help reduce the spread of STD infections; experts estimate this will reduce health care costs by approximately $10 million.

The new tax however is expected to cause what has been labeled as gay drain. Over the next 5 years the cities economy is expected to shrink by at least $10 billion as hairstylists, bartenders, receptionists, and therapists have expressed widely they plan to move out of the city.

A local gay night club owner told reporters, “I was planning on remodeling the place soon, but I am going to have to put that on hold. Who is going to come to Cincinnati for anal sex. It’s too damn expensive! Nobody got the extra money lying around for this. What happened to people being free to do what they want?”

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