A lesbian kills her partner in face sitting accident; police blame video game

Reporting from Dirk County, PA

“I’ve been in law enforcement 30-some-odd years, and I’ve never dealt with anything quite like this. Not with lesbians.”

County police are currently holding a local woman for questioning after her sexual partner was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics, late Sunday night. It all started that evening when the two women got together for an innocent hookup.

Sometime that night they decided to try face sitting which the victim had tried in a video game. Nasty Lezbo 2K18, a new popular video game that young women have access that allows them to experience realistic lesbian sex. This has sparked a nation wide debate; Should we allow impressionable young lesbians to have access to such violent material. If they didn’t have access to this game, then maybe they would still be alive today.

“At the same time, you’re talking to a young woman that’s not a day older than 25. … I think a lot of this goes back to these games, you know, where you hit the reset button where everybody’s okay.”

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