Competition from trans-women is unfair; Cis-women lobby for a woman license

A California cis-women union is lobbying for the institution of a woman license. In a press release they put out last week they explained, “It is a serious danger to our safety as society that we allow unregulated women to exist. We need to make sure that people know how to properly be a woman before they can go out and start acting like a woman. We simply want the power to license for ourselves. If there’s a need for more women then the local woman licensing board should determine that. If more women are not needed then for the sake of protecting our women we can not allow this race to the bottom”

Local upstart trans-woman, Naomi Raph, made news last year by stealing over 20 women’s husbands and winning the miss California pageant. She is among many young trans-women making great innovations in womanhood. This success has lead to the displacement of many women as they have failed to adapt to these new innovations. Many speculate the recent campaign by the cis-women’s union is due to the mass outrage around the recent failures of cis-women to compete in the market.

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