Transgender guns rights; NRA stands up to Democrat establishment.

A group of democratic lawmakers in the house late last year launched an investigation into how we can better target gun control policy to help with public safety. Now that the report is finished, house minority leader Nancy Pelosi is recommending that we use the findings in the report to create new targeted gun control policy. According to the report, “Transgender people are severely mentally ill people with very little grasp on reality. The committee finds that they are a danger to themselves and others. We recommend that they be flagged during federal background checks in order to stop them from purchasing a gun”. Head of the committee, democratic representative John Lewis, declined to comment when pressed on the issue.

We reached out to the NRA for a comment and a spokesman from the NRA responded, “The NRA seeks to protect the gun rights of all Americans. People with mental illness are often unfairly stigmatized. It is our opinion that transgender people are valid and have rights just like every other America.”

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